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Some Causes of Sleep Snoring

February 15th, 2021

What is snoring? Well, when you inhale the air from your mouth and nose, the air will flow through the passageways going straight to the lungs. The sound of the snore is produced since there are abnormal movements from the inner tissue walls during the air intake. The sound produced is typically louder than the normal breathing.

There are a lot of types of sleep snoring. This kind of disorder can come during the day and night while you are sleeping. If you are snoring while your mouth is closed, there is potentially a problem on the tongue. It is known as the tongue inflicted snore. This type of disorder can come to any gender.

What causes sleep snoring?

Sleep snoring can be caused by some different problems. One of the main factors is the obesity or overweight. Another factor includes asthma. Everyone suffering asthma has constricted air passageways by the time they inhale. Another cause is drinking too much alcohol. Too much alcohol intake can also contribute to sleep snoring. In addition, cigarette can also cause this disorder. Either first hand or secondhand smoker is potential to suffer this disorder.

Furthermore, your sleeping position and posture can also affect this sleep breathing disorder. For this case, you should change your sleeping position so that you don’t block your nasal. Try to sleep sideways. It is effective to prevent your sleep snoring from getting more severe.

There are some things you have to do, such as keeping a healthy lifestyle. From now on, you can start it by managing your diet. Vegetable is helpful to help you cope with your sleep snoring. If you eat wheat, eat it in balance. In addition, it will be better for you to reduce the oily and fatty foods since they are potential to cause fat accumulation in your body which can lead to this kind of sleep breathing disorder. Therefore, you have to start your healthy diet routine.

Sleep is a crucial issue to human’s life. Keeping a good sleeping helpful will be able to improve the performance on the next day. However, there are a lot of sleeping disorders that may come to you. If you find it h