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Vital Information on Sleep Snoring and Its Effects

April 15th, 2021

After being bombarded with so many reports and deadlines, wouldn’t it be nice to get a good night’s sleep at the end of the day? After a very busy day in the office or a tiring workout in wellness clinics, wouldn’t it be ever rewarding to lie in bed with warm blankets to wrap us up? These are just few of the many pleasures that an individual wishes to attain when it comes to resting and getting adequate amount of sleep.

Sleeping is the only means wherein our minds and body can rest. It is the only time wherein we are able to replenish lost energies and charge the cells for another long day ahead. Normally, for the adults, the number of hours they should have when we sleeping is eight hours and that is already the highest. For the little ones, they should receive twelve hours of uninterrupted sleep. Good if there are no external factors that will hinder an individual to have a good night sleep. But if there are external factors, undoubtedly the individual’s sleep will be disturbed and he will feel very much agitated.

One common external factor that can affect the normal sleeping pattern of an individual is sleep snoring. Sleep snoring can be very irritating to the ears especially when your partner just keeps on doing this every single time he or she goes to bed. It feels like you just want to stun yourself by a stunning device like the cellphone stun gun so you can just lie in bed motionless and unable to hear the loud snoring of your partner. But really, once you have noticed that your partner has been experiencing sleep snoring, it is really best that you consult your physician as this can already be an indication of a more serious disease commonly known as sleep apnea.

Sleep snoring is a major symptom of the disease sleep apnea. From the world itself, apnea which means that there is a temporary cessation of breathing. The individual stops breathing for ten seconds and then recovers and will repeat the whole thing again.. The temporary cessation of breathing in sleep apnea may be due to obstruction of air passages and thus sleep snoring occurs. That is why it is important for the partners to always take note and be very observant in order for the physician to clearly diagnose the patient’s condition.

Sleep snoring is very much common to men especially those who are overweight. If men are not very particular with their diet and with regards to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then he will definitely experience sleep apnea. Individuals experiencing sleep apnea experiences irritability, headache, insomnia, memory deficit and of course daytime sleepiness. This is also one of the reasons why there are individuals who get involved in car accidents due to lack of sleep. It feels like they hit by a stun baton because they could not focus well and they do not have enough energy to perform tasks.

The management of this disease is focused primarily modifying lifestyle and behavioural changes. Exercising and maintaining the right weight prevents occurrence of sleep apnea. Observing sleep hygiene also helps as well. Avoid being overly stressed before going to bed and as much as possible keep the bedroom very conducive for sleeping. If this fails, the physician might give you medications or perhaps require you to use CPAP machines or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure while you are sleeping.

Do not ignore snoring. When you find your partners constantly snore while sleeping, have him or her assessed to your physicians for physical examinations and evaluations.